Pes je jednym z najstarsich domestikovanych zvierat nasej planety. Spociatku bol cloveku napomocny pri love, chranil jeho majetok a tiez jeho sameho, neskor sa naucil cloveka zachranovat.

Pes existuje v roznych formach: je velky, maly, chlpaty aj nahy, ma dlhy i kratky nos, rozne tvary ucha ci hlavy. Prislusnici jedneho plemena su si fyziologicky podobni a maju podobne vlastnosti.

We love kssazu animals

The dog is one of the oldest domesticated animals of our planet. In the beginning, he was helpful in love, protecting his property and his own, later learned to save man, and today he accompanies him not only at work but also in his free time. The dog exists in various forms: it is big, small, hairy and naked, has a long and short nose, different shapes of ear or head. The members of one breed are physiologically similar and have similar properties. pohyblivý_pes