The latest study has shown that people prefer kssazu dogs as other people. Suffering animals worry us more than human sacrifices

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Those who are pet owners are best able to know what a strong puto they can do to people to create. Most dogs of their dogs include great care and love and vice versa, love dogs will return twice as well. In addition, they are characterized by their devotion and touchiness they create towards their masters. And above all, people have taken a new study in relation to their dogs. She brought someone shocking, but for others not so surprising results.

The Boston researcher has been able to find out that people prefer dogs as other people. Even the dogs suffering from the dog are even more empathic than the injured people. Professors Jack Levin and Arnold Arluke made an experiment with 240 people when they examined their opinion. They presented them with four fictional articles. One related to man's attack on man, with the victim ending with a broken leg, multiple market blows and unconsciousness. The second article pointed to the deprivation of an annual child and a 30-year-old adult. The other two articles concerned the abuse of a puppy and a six-year-old dog. While the difference between animal and child sacrifice was statistically insignificant, people were more emotionally disturbed by the suffering of dogs as adults. "Respondents were significantly less disturbed when adults were victims," ​​the researchers said. The results of the study suggest that people really perceive their dogs as family members.

The latest finding of Boston researchers relies on a campaign for two years. She wondered if people would be willing to support Harrison's five pounds to save him from slow and painful death. In one case, Harrison was a boy and in another dog with typical "dog eyes". It has already gained more attention from the ps version of the campaign. According to professors, these findings are due to the fact that dogs are more dependent on humans and vulnerable, besides, adults are expected to protect themselves. Additionally, adults see older dogs as bigger puppies. According to Levine, however, similar findings could be found in the main role study with cats.

In addition, the experiment has shown that human empathy also depends on what helpless victims are. If, for example, a victim is a victim of a beating pair, it is hard to awaken sympathy for other people. This results in partial accusation of the victim himself.

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